Make Your First Ever eCourse Like a Pro

eLearning is the new thing today, thanks to technology, we can now learn through the internet instead of going to a physical school and paying loads of cash. In the world of eLearning, we can learn from websites and to make it more interesting, many of eCourses are free! If you are an instructor, you are required to make an eCourse for your eLearners so here are tips on how to make a good eLearning course design like a professional.

Get a good Model.


Take some time to look at courses made by professionals and gather some inspiration. No, we are not suggesting that you copy the course or else you get sued in court by the original creator of the course. There are a number of websites that offer a lot of free course work for you to take a good look at and study so better begin looking at them and take it as an inspiration to make your eLearning course design.

Organize what you have gathered.

Now that you have gathered inspiration, next is to gather your thoughts by writing it down. After writing it down, organize them to their certain places. For example, you made a course about corporate video production in Brisbane. First, you have to gather things about the corporate culture of Brisbane and put it in one table. Next is how one should do a video production in another table and third, put things aside about what video production is. Organizing things will make your course easier for you to make.

Make The Delivery of Your Course Understandable.

No eLearner would want a course so difficult to comprehend that they couldn’t learn even a thing! Make sure everything is understandable. Your course’s main objective should be for the learner to understand what you are trying to deliver and master the course in the easiest way possible. Give reading materials for them to expand their learning, prepare self-examinations for them to assess their learning, give them as many options to learn—remember, this is not traditional learning.

Evaluate your learners.
Even if this is not a physical learning matter, this is still a course and courses are meant to be learned and mastered.  With this in mind, you should also evaluate your learners after a course by giving them “examinations”.  If you want, you can give them a pre-test and a post-test in order for students to be motivated and give their attention to the course and not stray themselves. To keep their attention, just like a traditional course, give some ice-breakers as a refresher—the human attention span can last only as much so you need to keep their attention. Keep your course as social as much as possible to make the learners feel that even if this is an eCourse, it is as close to the traditional learning.

eCourses and eLearning are a great way to learn new things thanks to technology. It is as good as traditional learning. Interested in finding out how to get eLearning course design?


Video Production Tips and Tricks

You think you can create or take good videos? We will never know. Thanks to technology, out smartphones allow us to take videos wherever and whenever we want but there are factors in how to make good videos, right?


In order to be good in video production, one must learn the essentials in taking good quality videos. Here are some tips and tricks:

Check the quality of your audio.

You should be aware of the background noises that might end up in your video-taking—you do not want them to be mixed in with your recording. Keep in mind that background noises cannot be fixed when you will be editing your video (you can either just mute it or put in an audio track of your choice). The quality of the audio is very important. Without quality audio, there will be difficulty in understanding your video (especially if it is an interview or a testimony video). Make sure you have microphone so that audio capture will be audible and volume is consistent.

Get a tripod.

You don’t want your video to be shaky right? Unless you want your viewers to think that an earthquake is happening…or your intent is to have them nauseated. To avoid these circumstances, please do get a tripod. A tripod makes everything steady; your hand could not.

Observe the rule of thirds. 

The “Rule of Thirds” is a principle which is known to many. It is in order to have a well-balanced and interesting shoot. The concept is that you divide an image into three parts (or thirds). After that you may put your subject in either of the frames you made but never on the centre part. This will make your shoot a lot more interesting.

Investing in a good video editor.

There are a lot of good video editors out there but make sure you research. Don’t rely on the free video editors because most of the free ones will just give you some of their features and will give you limited days to try them out. Free trials usually last very short. It is advised that you go get a premium. Also, before you go editing videos, make sure that you study how the video editor works since this will save you more time instead of editing on the spot. Do some practices, trials and errors. Ask around people in the field which video editor is the best for them.


Video production isn’t something you can just do or learn overnight. It requires learning just like any other field. If you want to be a master, always seek some knowledge. You can go to seminars or take online courses or even get a formal education—this is if you want to become a professional but if it is just out of hobby, there are a number of tutorials where you can find online. If you think video production is too much for you to handle, you can always hire a production company.

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ELearning Development: Its Advantages and Challenges

ELearning is such a modern way of imparting knowledge to those who are thirsty for it. With its advent and continuous development, it has become a powerful tool that one day will become a top resource of the educational areas of every nation.

Education and Training

Education and Training

ELearning development, by definition is technically a computer-based training. Simply put, learning is being done with the use of instructional materials through the Internet or even a CD-ROM. There are courses that are just between the program and the learner, and there are also those that require the interaction with an actual instructor and there are also interactions between the learners.

This high-tech learning strategy can be designed in-house or may be contracted to develop the courses and as such, an eLearning development company should be able to offer and host various courses to the learners and have them offered and customized to tailor-fit the learners or the organizations’ needs. This eLearning company should have enough expertise as well as the technology to develop interesting, motivational, engaging and highly-effective courses.

ELearning development as also all about suppleness and suitability in the sense that the learner should only have a computer that is hooked up to an internet wherein they can study and take the courses anywhere and anytime they want. They can even pause for a while to work on their usual daily schedule and routines and just continue with the course anytime they are free. An excellent eLearning company should be able to provide and track the learner’s progress and give them programs to achieve their goals.

The fact of the matter is that the eLearning tools have evolved dramatically over the last few years. Video streaming, podcasts, PowerPoint, audio, and games have helped the learners to enrich their learning and recently, it has been heightened with the aide of social internet tools such as blogs, Wikipedia, forums, webinars and the like to name a few.

Another advantage of eLearning development for companies and organisations is that they are able to save costs in travel, hotel and accommodations, food and other related expenses just for a trainer or an instructor to come over and do the actual face-to-face workshops and seminars. ELearning courses are way less expensive and given the economical scale that can be afforded by the organization, more employees can actually participate over a period of time. The good thing about it is that the quality of learning is not at all affected. As a matter of fact, ELearning companies add more value by offering unlimited and at times, free access to the content.

On the other hand, there are some challenges that have been identified for eLearning development. On the part of the learners, it has to take a lot of discipline and will for them to adopt and develop their digital literacy. Another thing is that organizations have to monitor their employees’ progress to guarantee a good return of their training investments and this is kind of a tedious task since these employees have different levels of learning. Good thing about it now is that eLearning companies have a way of providing advises and technological tools to help the organization track the progress of their employees learning level and aids them in overcoming their difficulties and challenges.

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Making An Effective eLearning Course Design

Creating an effective eLearning course design isn’t easy to do. There are a lot of details to be looked at and certain areas to cover depending on the topic at hand. Here are some few tidbits on how to create a very effective eLearning course design.

Education and Training

The aim of every eLearning course design worker is to make their courses effective and working but the sad reality is that if you ask anybody who are taking eLearning courses, these words are not even realised basing on their experience in taking it. Of course there are courses that are very interesting but there are also those that are very bad, dreadful and deathly boring, and as a course designer, you really want to avoid that.

So what should you do to make sure your eLearning course design is effective and working?

Most eLearning course development designer’s aims to make their work interesting and engaging and many of them depend on authoring tool interactions and multimedia to help them achieve this goal. To think about it, it is a good idea in the sense that learners will have something new to do in every screen of the course rather than just purely reading them all throughout. If reading is what they will just do in the entire course, they will soon succumb to boredom and will likewise end up not finishing it. To make it effective, try to put in different activities or other options every other page to keep them interested.

Because the fact is that soon enough, your learners will find out that the use of multimedia and other interactions is just a cover up for a real problem which is too much focus on the content. The best way to go about it is that eLearning course development designers should create a classroom training type where there are numerous options that are available to them. It is very much easier to create and imagine resourceful and imaginative classroom exercises and other activities if you know that you have a lot of people who can engage and interact with each other.

The instructional designer’s usual dilemma is that as they look at the blank computer screen, they would have to think hard and imagine how they can make it look interesting and engaging for their learners without spending too much money and at the same time will not take many months in development. This can be a trap for content-centred eLearning course development in the sense that they will opt for the usual and traditional way to fill that screen with pictures or graphics to make it seem interesting and attractive. If this is the route that they will choose, they will eventually learn that there is a great need for them the contents organized and structured.

This becomes ineffective for the learners as this option or route is just as equivalent to creating an online thick book or even a PowerPoint presentation. While they may look professional, your learners will not be able to appreciate it.

To resolve this issue before it even begins, eLearning course design designers should focus on creating a meaningful scenario-driven and realistic approaches to make the learning memorable, fun, and most importantly, motivating. This is the secret in making an eLearning course effective and working. And also, make sure that the entire course is relevant to the learners.

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Boosting Products And Services With Brisbane Video Production

There’s only one way that you could promote your small business and that’s through the use of video productions. These videos don’t need to go through main stream media companies; you only need the internet to reach your goals.


Since the invention of Television many years ago, throughout time, businesses have learned to market their products or services through video platforms through Brisbane video production, often called TV ads or commercials. This strategy has proved most useful in the sense that they were able to reach their target audience wherever they are in the world propelling increase in revenues and profit. In fact, these ads are what support the survival of most of the channels available in the world today since they provide sponsorship.

Many years later, Internet has been invented and along with its rapid growth, video channels in the net have been invented as well such as YouTube and Vevo. In fact, studies have shown recently that over 4 billion people are watching these video channels on a daily. Another study found out that those businesses that have invested in online video production enjoys higher sale rates. If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, it is a big market that needs to be conquered and so therefore, if you want to reach your audience wherever they are in the world, then you need to make your own custom-made Brisbane video production for your products or services.

In order for this to be done, you need to find yourself a professional videographer to create your online video production that needs to be shared with the world. When talking about custom-made, it will promote your specific service or product with a personalised touch to make stand out and become efficient, relevant and original. The fact is that there are competitions out there that offers the same products or services that you do and the only way to get your target audience to pay attention and interest in what you offer is to showcase your custom-made Brisbane video production. This is what you’ll expect to happen:

  • Your brand name will be recognised


When people starts to see your add online, it will establish your brand’s name, thus making them think that you mean business and that what you offer is legitimate and of good quality.


  • Your online presence will spread like wild fire


As mentioned, over 4 billion people visit video streaming Websites on a daily basis and there is a great chance of your products or services being shared, commented or liked. You also need to participate in this. For example, if someone left a comment on your video with questions or inquiries, you must answer them. With this, you can expect profit or sales growth.


  • Social media integration


If your promotional video gets too much attention, you will be mentioned in other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. That means you have reached your target audience worldwide. It would be a great feeling for your brand, products or services to be “TRENDING” in social media.

These and many more rewards await you if you opt for custom-made online video production. Your success relies heavily in your hands so do not hesitate.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Hiring Corporate Video Production Brisbane

Just like any other things, there are some areas when choosing a video production that you should be aware of. These guidelines will act as your guide into a wonderful and unforgettable corporate event.


As a company, it is your responsibility to keep up with today’s modern technology. There are things that you need to be doing online and there are things that you should do within your company premises that will be of use to your employees and clients. One of them is by utilising videos for your reports, updates, information dissemination and other related things for your company to function to its maximum capacity. The best thing that you can do is to look for a professional and legitimate corporate video production Brisbane to make these videos for you. But before you do, you need to be fully aware of the following dos and don’ts.

  • Plan Ahead

If your plan is to make your company a success and soar to greater heights, then you need to make these corporate videos as one of your top priorities and that entails careful and meticulous planning. Factors such as your target audiences, company functions, the style, tone and concept of this corporate video production Brisbane that might effectively attract and connect to the viewers are some of the things that must be clearly defined. On order for you to do this, doing an online survey may be of use. You can also ask clients of their preference and you can look into some competitors as well by looking at their flaws so you can make it even better. Invest time on doing this and you will surely have a unique Brisbane video production that will efficiently bond you with your clients and targeted customers.

  • Entertain your audience with a Story

Some Brisbane corporate video production out there are somewhat boring in the sense that they are too clean, too informative and have content with no vibrancy and emotions. These can factors may contribute to the customers ignoring the videos thus losing its sole purpose. An excellent manner in achieving life, colour, emotion and vibrancy is to make a story for your company with a clear beginning, middle and where is it at the moment. You can compile videos from different areas of the office or maybe shot some interview videos from current employees, or maybe you can go to your company’s original location and other such related things. Clients will definitely find your company story on videos very interesting.

  • Do not put too much information

Here’s another mistake that other companies make. They try to put in too much details and information to the extent that it becomes boring and nobody is even bothering to read them. Videos are 12 times more effective than text in an online environment, which is another reason to capitalise on corporate videos.

  • Be careful with the edit process

As much as possible, be present during the edit process and input your ideas just for you to make sure that the final output is the way you intended it to be.

These are the things you need to consider.

The Guideline To Being The Best With Video Production Tools

With the right tools, you can create a simple yet stunning video that will leverage you to a successful marketing of your business.


The television operator on a working platform.The reporting from the international festival.

The best affiliate marketing moves are those that have low cost opportunities that the World Wide Web offers. One of the ways that has proven to be a tough hit on online marketers would be video production. Though as simple as it may seem, the process of creating such video hits isn’t that easy. Here are some few pointers on creating the best online promotional video production. After creating these videos, you can then post them to popular websites like YouTube.

 The equipment

To create the finest online promotional video production, you need to have a set of essential equipment to make things work. One would be a headset with microphone to decrease the background noise. Or, it’s also possible to use any kind of recording machine. All in all, you just need your computer and you are ready to create your very own video production online.

The software

There are a lot of software tools to be used for video editing and creation and most of the time, they are free. It can record your screen for slide presentation and more. That’s why you should make sure that you make the best out of these things to keep the cost low but at the same time effective.

The script

It’s also essential to create your script. It usually has 3 columns, one will show the timing, the other will show the voice-over and the last will detail the things that will happen to the screen. Through proper preparation you will be able to deliver a professionally made online promotional video production and get to the right results of your online marketing methods. In your script, make sure to cover everything about the product’s facts, features as well as benefits and certain information on how to contact you or better yet, where to get these products. Now, if you’re into creating a video that’s more educational in nature, just make sure to mention your product and you can then add subtitle to the bottom along with your web address.

Your lines

Always make sure to practice your lines properly. Take some time to read through your script aloud and practice it. Through constant practice, you’ll be given an opportunity to perfect your delivery and you’ll be good in composing your script. If you’re using simple software like Power Point, click through every slide to familiarise them and get the perfect timing.  Once you’re ready, then you can already record your video production through the software that you downloaded. You might have to get a few tries first before perfecting it.

After having gone through everything, you just then have to edit your raw video and see if you can make it shorter and cut off unnecessary parts. This will save you time and allow your video to get to the bottom of everything which is the promotion of your product, services and businesses.

With the right tools and equipment, you can do everything by yourself. However, if you want to level things up, you can still hire professional video creators to help you make the best online promotional video production.


Opening Opportunities – Online Video Production

Online video production can change the way your business runs. Doing the right moves can result to far better sales in the future.

corporate video

If you are to use online video production in promoting your business and eventually increase your sales, then you should be aware that adding a strong call to action will bring your great advantage. The increase of competition these days pose a need to make purchases easy for the buyer and providing them with all the important information they need to make a sound decision on buying.

You don’t want to enter into risks where the buyer simply gives up on your website and switch to a different website because you didn’t want to make it easy for them. Making the functionalities of your website more interactive in making your video production process will make your readers learn more and get a lot more information about your product and then ultimately make the most awaited purchase. Here are some of the direct responses that are advised to be included in your video.

Order now – it’s one of the most important functions that should be included in your online video production. Order now should stand out and easily be seen by the reader. During the creation of your video production, you should add these relevant cues in the entire video at the right time of course. It shouldn’t appear just once. It would let the viewer make purchases by simply clicking the button.

Online video presenter – A lot of people just would like to prefer and listen to a person who’s selling to them instead of just reading about it. Any person has the power to influence and move the viewer to click the purchase button. Through the use of a presenter in the entire video production, it will guide the viewer to do the purchase.

More information – This will allow the viewer to easily get access in the further information if they need it. Including the more information button in the video would allow the viewer click on the link and be brought to the products page of your website or even to the brochures and guide them on the products that you might be offering.

Share with friends – It’s one of the best ways in promoting your business. It’s through recommendations from other customers who are satisfied with the products you sell. The “share with friends” button will let your viewer email the online video production to their friends which is needed to spread your brand’s message.

Online advertising is now taking the interactivity through the next state by allowing the viewers to be more in control. Instead of just promoting a brand, an advertiser can now offer certain games or allow the viewer to download promotional coupons as part of their marketing strategies. This would lead the viewer to spend more time in the particular brand and if they have enjoyed the experience, they are more likely to share the same video with their friends.

Online video production shouldn’t just be about creating contents and talk to the viewers. But allowing the viewers to participate and be involved with functionalities, it will surely increase the chances of taking them to the next action. Whether it’s for getting information or contacting directly, it all helps in bringing them a step closer to your offers. That’s how powerful video production is.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated – eLearning Course Design

Learning shouldn’t be difficult especially if it’s being done online. With the best eLearning tools, all these should be done the easiest ways.


A company that offers different eLearning development tools should really work on a clear story feature that’s great for online and mobile courses.  For novices and starters, it can be in a form of very simple software. Picking the best eLearning course design vendors is an essential for the success for any course. To get the best tools available, you need to focus on the following aspects.

There’s a need to look at one of these pointers to get the best decisions later on.  One would be the nature of learning. Is it based on games or an interactive one? Next would be the purpose of the course. Also, you should think if the course will have to branch on different scenarios. Another consideration with regards to eLearning course design would be the customisation and whether these courses will be distributed throughout the different platforms. There’s also graphic design and the person or the company that’s developing the course itself.

The providers for these programs should offer different options for customised eLearning development courses. The technology that’s to be used, the tools as well as the processes that are going to be used by the service providers for creating the best internet-based solutions should really be at its top. Online course development tools producers are to ensure more knowledge as well as skills for the learners for the program and ensure that they would make use of it in their careers and personal lives. It will also put in a positive effect on the financial performances of their organisation.

A clear storyline on eLearning course design development started when a certain product that focuses on storyline as a tool was releases. This form of development made a lot of excitement on the different eLearning development experts and there were a lot of anticipations as well. The main part of this tool is that its interface was based on slide views. This is where the learning scenes are gathered. The slide view can have a certain number of layers. Another feature of the program is the timeline that gives out different elements like images to appear and a certain song to play.

Education through the help of the electronic media and strengthened by the information technology that’s also known as eLearning.  This form of learning technology is used both in learning and teaching. The computer assisted instructions are very essential in the word of eLearning. This facilitates the people from any part of the globe to learn and study with the help of computers that have access to the internet.

With the advent of different tutorials, the students are now able to attend different classes online without going outside their homes and go to actual schools. A lot of universities and institutions are now doing their own eLearning course design. Therefore, eLearning process now needs more power and more advanced tools. The tools are being given by the best companies should easily be used. It doesn’t have to be complicated because above all, it’s the learning that matters and not the features.

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Video Production Has Never Been This Good

Videos can change the way you run your business so make sure you’ve got the best in your arsenal.

corporate video

These days online video production has become one of the most economical and trouble free ways of promoting business, products as well as services. The experts on a production company can create videos for the internet and they are very much practical. They can also provide you with chances of publishing it in a global scale. It’s some kind of the same as TV advertising only that it’s published online. Also, online video production is very cost-effective as compared to making TV advertisements. It’s one very effective marketing tool and it works regardless of the kind of business that you have. The best advantage you can get from video production is that it has more number of viewers as compared to TV ads. If you want to get the public more aware of your products and services, this is your best option.

Before, if you have to make an online video production, you have to pay a lot since you need a camera crew, studio and other expenses. Therefore it was hard since it wasn’t affordable for small and medium companies. However, because of the technological advancements, the video production industry has undergone a lot of changes. Instead of making tapes, you can easily add videos online. Just one click and you can add your videos on the internet and depending on how well your video is it can just go viral. It is how online video production has gotten itself started.

Today, if you’re looking for any kind of production company that produces corporate videos to be posted online, you don’t have to through different places and make enquiries. Today, the internet can make things easier for everyone. Today, online video production has become more popular which means if a person makes a query on search engines; they’ll receive a list of different video production companies that are ready to serve you at their very best.

Video production can give you different facilities and ability to create high quality videos for their most valued clients. To begin working with any type of online video production service companies, start by doing research on these different firms before choosing one. It’s advised to look at websites and see their existing list of clients as well as earlier ones. You can also look for recommendations and read reviews online as these are good help in understanding the working style and quality of movie production a lot better.

Also, the best way to look for the best video production companies is considering the popular ones since they could provide the best deals and discounts. You don’t have to invest big in these things, as the prices aren’t a big deal these days. Just make sure that they will not compromise the quality or the idea of the advertisement should be appealing and with the highest quality as possible.

The video production should always be cost effective. Getting these types of videos should be simple enough but with the highest quality to reach online attention. You can also share your thoughts and ideas with regards to video production companies if you have something to say. Being honest with what you want would allow these companies to execute their works faster and according to what you want them to be.

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